The first aim of Salumificio Aurora has always been the complete satisfaction of its customers. This is pursued by involving the various aspects of the entire production process: from the selection of the raw material to constant technological innovation; from the respect of regulations to the protection of the environment.
To enact its company philosophy, Salumificio Aurora has started the process of certification, reaching important targets.

IFS (International Food Standard)
The IFS Standard (International Food Standard) was developed by a consortium which includes some of the leading retailers of central
, BHD (Federal Union of the German Business Associations) and FCD (representative organ or French retailers).
Its aim is that of facilitating the effective selection of GDO (Mass Retailers) food supplies, on the basis of their capacity of supplying safe products, which are compliant with contractual specifications and legal requirements
The standard identifies specific elements of a management system focused on the hygienic quality and safety of the products, which takes the HACCP methodology as the framework for planning and implementation.

Its principal elements are:

*       adoption of good reference practices

*       adoption of an HACCP system

*       adoption of a documented quality management system

*       standard control of the work environments, product, production process and staff

*       implementation of appropriate specifications for
  . raw materials
  . finished product
  . intermediate/semi-finished products
  . monitoring of suppliers
  . website positioning
  . waste accumulation, collection and disposal
  . hygienic standards and staff organization
  . production control.

OHSAS 18001
Standard OHSAS 18001:2007 spells out the requirements for a Work Health and Safety Management System (SGSSL), to allow companies to check their Health and Safety risks and improve their performance.
By Work Health and Safety is meant: “Conditions and factors that influence or can influence the health and safety of employees or other workers (including part-time workers and contractors), visitors and any other person in the work environment (cfr. 3.23)”.

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