Our origins

Salumificio Aurora was founded in 1967, by the same family that still owns it today; this is undoubtedly a guarantee of tradition, continuity, and professionalism.
Since then, important changes have taken place inside the Company as well as in the cured meat world. We meet new market challenges by putting ourselves on the line, through direct interaction with customers and consumers.

a great and only master

Cavalier Dino Dodi founded Salumificio Aurora in 1967 and since then much of the processing, techniques and tricks of the trade have remained unchanged.

The objectives and values of the early years are still the lighthouse guiding the development of the company.

Tradition and quality

Producing in a committed and responsible way to bring to the tables of consumers deli meats that tell a story of quality: this is our concept of tradition.
Passing on the values handed down to us to produce good and genuine deli meats.

The value of the Company
made up of people

People are the true asset of Salumificio Aurora and the company philosophy focuses on them.  Employees, suppliers, customers and consumers are all part of the company, the key players in a value system and a project designed to be sustainable in the respect for individuals.
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