Our values

To guarantee quality and reliability

Ethics of quality

For us producing quality is a duty and for consumers claiming it is an essential right.  We select the meat cuts based on the different production processes.  Our expert butchers skilfully carry out manual operations that they learnt from their teachers. Every type of product follows different maturation phases in dedicated rooms and set by natural times

Respect of traditions

We at Salumificio Aurora are aware of the value of the experience of those who preceded us and this is why since 1967 we have been producing deli meats following the traditions handed down by the best deli meat experts from Parma.

Research & development

With instruments, ideas and customised products we can deal with and meet all the changing needs of today’s consumers. Our commitment is understanding the market to become an increasingly present and reliable partner for supply chain operators.

Environmental protetion

We respect nature and support the use of recyclable and low environmental impact materials.


More value for the trade, more quality for consumers
We are increasingly close to our customers with services, initiatives and co-marketing activities. We therefore develop synergies aimed at maximising the value of our competence to reach consumers in the right way, at the right time and with the right price.


Traditional processing and the art of manual skills
Our first concern is deserving the respect of the most demanding customers and consumers. Traditional deli meats are a heritage of the gastronomic culture of our country that we want to protect.
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