The Supply Chain

The way we guarantee quality

The undisputed quality of the Aurora deli meats is the result of the care dedicated to all production steps, starting from the selection of raw materials: excellent pork from selected pig farms.
Aurora’s specialised staff personally choose the best meat to guarantee safety and quality to the consumer.

Pig farms

Great attention is paid to the feeding and breeding of pigs, and strict health and veterinary controls are carried out to provide the highest guarantees in terms of meat quality. 


Competence and professionalism in selecting meat, respect for high hygiene and safety standards, as well as strict veterinary controls allow to decrease in our products the quantity of salt.

Deli meat plant

Selection of the pork cuts that are suitable for the various productions, salting, product preparation skilfullyperformed by Aurora’s specialisedstaff, also with manual operations. 


We are increasingly closer to consumers thanks to our distribution network that makes sure that ustomers always receive Aurora’s top quality through professional services and dedicated activities.
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