A masterpiece of quality
amongst  Parma’s most refined deli meats

Aurora culatello is made from prime cut of the best pork haunches from selected Italian pig. Its mildness and tenderness are the result of ancient traditions handed down from generation to generation.
Aurora Culatello satisfies the needs of those who look for an excellent product with an optimum quality/price ratio.

Product code Product name Pz. per Carton Med. seasoning Average weight
TEL001 traditional Culatello whole 5 360gg 4 Kg
TEL011 Culatello ready to slice vacuum packed whole 5 360gg 3,8 kg
TEL021 Culatello ready to slice vacuum packed halves 10 360gg 1,9 kg

Aurora deli meat are for everyone!

Gluten Free

Lactose Free
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