Fiocchetto DI PROSCIUTTO with Rind

Exceptional softness

We choose only the best haunches to produce this exceptionally soft and mild product. Before eating, simply remove the rind that protects the cured meat and keeps it soft. In the best Parma tradition, it is excellent paired with torta fritta, thin sheets of bread dough fried in lard.
Product code Product name Pz. per Carton T.M.C. Med. seasoning Average weight
FIOC002 Traditional Fiocchetto with rind 10 - 180gg 2,3 Kg
FIOC012 Traditional Fiocchetto with rind vacuum packed whole 10 150gg 180gg 2,3 Kg
FIOC022 Traditional Fiocchetto with rind vacuum packed in halves 20 150gg 180gg 1,1 Kg
FIOC12P Traditional Fiocchetto with rind peeled ready to slice    10 150gg 180gg. 2,2

Aurora deli meat are for everyone!

Gluten Free

Lactose Free
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