flavoured lard

A traditional product
on growing demand

Aurora flavoured lard is a traditional product prepared using only natural flavourings and no preservatives. Thanks to its organoleptic features, it has been rediscovered by young people too. It is a wholesome and authentic product, ideal for the most enticing aperitifs or for a dinner with friends.

Why choose
Aurora flavoured Lard?

  • Minimum maturation 4 months
  • Only natural flavourings, without preservatives
  • With no surface salt
  • Maximum yield at slicing
  • Growing consumption trend

The secret ingredient in cooking

For the trade, it is an extremely versatile and fast product with an easy positioning

cut: lard
Product code Product name Pz. per Carton Med. seasoning Average weight
LRD001 Flavoured Lard s/v 1,5 kg 8 4 mesi 1,5 Kg
LRD002 Flavoured Lard  s/v 2,5 kg 8 4 mesi 2,5 Kg
Aurora deli meat are for everyone!

Gluten Free

Lactose Free
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