Guanciale with pepper

A niche product that is particularly
well-liked by consumers

Aurora Guanciale al pepe is made using Italian pork. It is made using the pork cheek that is rubbed with salt and flavourings and is matured in our cellarsThe pepper used to cover the product is high quality and can thus beconsumed without concerns. It is a flavourful starter if sliced thinly or an excellent ingredient for cooking delicious recipes.

Why choose Aurora
Guanciale with pepper?

  • Minimum guaranteed maturation
  • Selected Italian raw materials
  • Edible pepper on the surface
  • Maximum yield at slicing

Flavour and taste for your dishes


Ideal for the deli meat counter and delicious for cooking


Cut: guanciale
Product code Product name Pz. per Carton Med. seasoning Average weight
GOS102 Guanciale whole 6 60gg 1,6 Kg
GOS112 Guanciale vacuum packed whole 5 60gg 1,6 Kg
GOS122 Guanciale vacuum packed in halves 10 60gg 0,8 Kg
Aurora deli meat are for everyone!

Gluten Free

Lactose Free
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