A triumph of flavours

It is no coincidence that we are famous for our Pancetta!

With our range, we can satisfy the tastes and preferences of many consumers, whilst always ensuring a very high quality standard; Matured Pancetta, Pancetta Coppata, Lean, with slats, flavoured and Pork Cheek; an ever evolving range.

High quality standards
respecting tradition

Aurora Pancetta has always been successful because it is a product that has consistently maintained high quality standards over time, thanks to the careful selection of the raw materials used and the state-of-the-art production techniques.

The high quality of Aurora Pancetta is guaranteed by the use of the best meat, of natural materials and by a slow and controlled maturation.

Pancetta in the kitchen

Pancetta is a very versatile cured meat that is extensively used in the kitchen, in addition to being enjoyed as it is with top-quality traditional bread.

By experimenting with different cooking methods it can be used, either sliced or diced, to give the right touch to many dishes. Practically indispensable for unique and delicious dishes.

For a quick and tasty snack, try Pancetta Aurora on a slice of grilled bread together with good Gorgonzola cheese.


Select meat skilfully and expertly processed


Selection of the pork cuts that are suitable for the various productions, salting, product preparation skifully performed by Aurora's specialised staff, also with manual operations.
Aurora deli meat are for everyone!

Gluten Free

Lactose Free
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