Salame Felino PGI

A rich and enticing taste
for one of Parma’s excellent foods

The protected name of this astounding typical product “Salame Felino”, refers to a geographical area in the Province of Parma, the village of Felino, where its historical origins lie. It is important to emphasize that the raw material used consists of meat from pigs that are strictly born, reared and slaughtered in Italy. Aurora Salame Felino PGI is a high quality product with a unique taste.

Why choose
Salame di Felino P.G.I. Aurora?

  • Only Italian pork
  • Consistent and guaranteed maturation
  • Produced in compliance
  • with the PGI regulation

With a rich and aromatic flavour that can be enjoyed slice after slice the authentic taste of traditional processing


An excellent choice for the trade, both for the deli counter and for self-service


cut: sottospalla and pancetta


The quality of Salame Felino begins to be appreciated firstly by feeling it 1 with the hands and then, once a part of the outer casing that surrounds it has been removed 2 3, by checking the consistency of the paste 4 5. The colour must be bright without dark parts, the white fatty parts should not be transparent. The scents range from those of brushwood and cellar to that of butter.
To be sliced properly 6, Salame Felino should be laid on a wooden cutting board and cut with a long thin knife that is not serrated, so that the slices are as thick as one of the grains of pepper it contains 7. Tradition requires a long, “chamfered cut”, oblique with respect to the axis of the salami to ensure the slice remains whole and tasty. The taste is sweet, full, and balanced.
The ideal place to store Salame Felino whole is a damp cellar between 10 and 17 degrees. Once sliced, the remainder should instead be stored in the fridge, wrapped in a tea towel 8 and protected from strong odours.
Product code Product name Pz. per Carton Med. seasoning Average weight
SAL010C Salame Felino PGI Seasoned 15 40 gg 0,9 Kg
SAL030C Salame Felino PGI short 30 40 gg 0,45 Kg
SAL100C Salame Felino PGI Seasoned giant 1 40 gg 3 Kg
SAL100CT Salame Felino PGI Seasoned giant with chopping board 1 40 gg 3 Kg
Aurora deli meat are for everyone!

Gluten Free

Lactose Free
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