Strolghino Dolce Aurora

A young and tender deli meat with an enticing flavour

Strolghino dolce Aurora is a small salami made from the lean trimmings of Culatello. It is filled in a very thin casing and wrapped in straw paper. The ATM bag keeps the product fresh and prevents weight loss. Strolghino dolce Aurora is a very lean and mild product; it is an excellent starter if sliced thick and served with croutons or fragrant bread.


Why choose Strolghino
dolce Aurora?

  • Lean Culatello meat
  • Small sized and easy to eat
  • No weight loss
  • Practical and fast to use
  • Self-service product
  • Lean low-calorie product
  • Well-liked by young people

Exhibitor display 

An idea to display Aurora Strolghino dolce Aurora in a strategic way to attract consumers.

Its practical container displays 10 pieces with maximum accessibility.

The crowner shows an image that can be easily seen also from a distance.

Cut: haunch
Product code Product name Pz. per Carton Med. seasoning Average weight
SAL041 Strolghino Dolce Aurora 20 60gg 0,250 kg
SAL041ATM Strolghino Dolce Aurora in A.T.M. 20 60gg 0,250 kg
SAL041ATD Strolghino Dolce Aurora in A.T.M. with exhibitor display 10 60gg 0,250 kg
Aurora deli meat are for everyone!

Gluten Free

Lactose Free
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